Worldwide Overview Of Antioch

Overview Of Antioch

While it isn’t exactly a household name along the lines of London, New York, Tokyo, or Siberia, Antioch is the name of numerous places all over the world. There are actually fifteen different Antiochs in the United States alone. As it turns out, three of them are in Indiana, and another two are in Kentucky, all of which represent specific communities within differing state counties. There are also seven different Antiochs within Asia. The most prominent of which is undeniably Antioch on the Orontes.

The latter, located in the south of Turkey, was known as one of the most bustling cities of the Roman Empire. It actually served as one of the earliest hot beds of the Christian religion. In modern times, the city is known as Antakya. It is still quite important within the Turkey landscape given its 250,000 citizens.

Antioch also lent its name to a strait in the west of France: the Pertius d’Antioche. It resides between Ile de Oleron and Ile de Re, as well as Rochefort (a naval arsenal) and the La Rochelle seaport. The straits coastline is quite similar to the Mediterranean area where Antioch on the Orontes once thrived.

And that only scratches the surface. Antioch has also been attributed as a name to notable individuals in the world such as Ignatius of Antioch, fictional characters in major pop culture sensations (i.e. Antioch Peverell from Harry Potter), and a number of different transportation services throughout the world. Despite not being on the tips of everyone’s tongues, there is no doubt that Antioch has managed to spread itself throughout the entire world. It just goes to show how vast and vibrant the history of our planet and our human culture truly is. It’s honestly quite amazing to think about, and endlessly fascinating!