World class apartments with best living space

Antioch apartments provide the best residential space for all your residential needs. These residential colonies offer great locality at affordable pricing. They are just miles away from Nashville music city and the neighborhood includes many schools, universities, hospitals and businesses. They have a world of scenic beauty around them which includes the chain o lakes and the Redwig slough. With the growing population these apartment create a lifestyle for many families and couples who want to stay or work nearby.


Antioch is located in midst of glacial lakes, moraines or accumulation of rock and soil caused by glacial movement and wetland areas. The Illinois Fox River Chain o’ lake encompasses 15 lakes and 45 miles of river just miles from your Antioch apartments. This “key west to the Midwest” is the busiest during summers and attracts a lot many tourists and is a hotspot for recreational activities

The neighborhood boasts of many recreational parks and open spaces. These include very many recreational parks and wetland areas. There are also many natural preserve areas such as Raven Glen forest reserve in the east of Antioch and a string of preserves in the Lake Villa area. These are all protected by the Lake county forest reserve district.

These are just to name a few. The place is surrounded by beaches, natural preserves, recreational activity areas, wetlands and many parks. . You can be having water sports here in summers and snowmobiling in winters. It is a fun and natural place for everyone. It is a busy place all around the year.

Antioch is situated some miles away from regular transportation, hubs and corridor due to its location in the northwestern region. The nearest airport, Chicago O hare is 45 miles away. Also I-94 and I- 93 are miles away. It also has great restaurants and hotels for tourists as well.

But still Antioch can provide easy transportation through its train services. Antioch is well connected through many transport lines. The Metra station lies on east of Antioch. It serves the terminus of Metra south central line. Its last stops are Chicago and other suburban areas on the route.

You will love it in here. There is something for everyone, whether you are a tourist or a person thinking of living here. Antioch apartments provide great neighborhood and transport facilities. You and your kids can enjoy the natural beauty surrounding your house and allow your kids to develop unconditional in this amazing environment.

You as well can enjoy the water sports and spend leisure time with your wife and kids in the parks or the beautiful lakes. It is a great place for you and your kids to grow and a friendly neighborhood that will be with you in years to come. It is an investment worth the risk. You will find yourselves easily loving and staying in this lovely place for many years to come.