Top Ranked Restaurants In Antioch TN To Visit For Great Food

For being a neighborhood in Davidson County and not an actual city itself, Antioch has quite a few restaurants. It is a popular place and close in proximity to Nashville. We are going to start by looking at a great place to stop for pizza, and then I am going to show you two other great restaurants in Antioch TN.

Angelo’s Picnic Pizza is the place I wanted to tell you about first, and it is on Murfreesboro Pike. You can order up thin crust pizza, white pizza, double crust pizza, garlic knots, calzones and much more. Reviews point to this place serving up pizza that is hard to match. There are also sweet pastries available for dessert, and get this, the place offers a lunch buffet.

Burger Republic is another great place to visit, and it is located on Lenox Village Drive. How does a Nutella shake sound to you? You can also order up a delicious banana split, and of course Burger Republic is one of the best places to grab a burger in Antioch. The establishment is also said to have a good variety of beers to choose from if you are wanting to enjoy some brews with your meal.

Ron’s Barbecue and Fish sounds like a nice place because you can get barbecue and fish at the same place. It is located on Mount View Road, and the restaurant is said to have a very nice environment. On top of all kinds of barbecue favorites, the fish sandwich also comes highly recommended. If you want a barbecue recommendation, it’s all about the ribs at Ron’s Barbecue and Fish. Eat up to there and enjoy the best burgers and pizza at the other two places. Antioch TN doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its top ranked restaurants.

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