Antioch Offering Great Living Facilities To The Tourists

The residential area of antioch apartments includes the scenic beauty and easy transport system. There are also many tourist and historical relevant sites that can make your stay more beautiful and close to roots. In this piece of writing, we are going into the historical landmarks of the Antioch city and how travelling is easy from your home to work.


Antioch apartments have a great transportation facility for your daily ride to work The Metra station is nearby. The Metra central line includes all the suburban area as stops. The terminal to this line is the Chicago station. The Metra station lies eastward of the main street or the IL 83. Antioch is well connected by its rail road system

There are also an intricate network of local roadways and several state highways for travel to work via your car. Illinois 173 provides the main interconnection between the east and the west. It is an easy passage to commute from anywhere between Chain O hare Lake to Mc Henry County. It also provides links to eastern connection of Lake County.

If you are going to travel from north to south than Illinois 83 will guide your way. Also the Illinois 59 provides for easy passage to travel from north to south in the Antioch city. These high ways connects many Chicago lands’ western suburban areas to the main city of Antioch. The Illinois 83 and 59 also provide connectivity to WI and Kenosha County.


There are many community landmarks and historical significant places in and around your residential area. Antioch apartments will provide you not only good travel facilities but also historical significant places that you can visit in your leisure time or make your guests visit. Following are a list of historically significant places and why they are considered unique.

  • The Palette, Masque and Lyre theatre is a non-profit playhouse that has occupied Crystal Theatre for past 35 years.
  • The Pickard china museum has many fine china products that were made during the company’s stay here.
  • The Lake Region Historical society has many historical displays and information. It is located in the Antioch Grade School Building in the year 1892.
  • The Hirram  Buttrick Sawmill was built in 1972. It was built as a part of Biccential project and is an authentic replica of nineteen century sawmill.

Antioch Apartments provides a great place to stay. The connectivity is great and so is the historical and natural aspect of the city. The city provides for a great place for you and your family to spend many years together. It has a nice environment for your kids to grow and nice neighborhood and community. It has great advantages if you are working in the nearby bay area. You can easily go to work without much stress.