Antioch: A great Living Paradise

steps-that-will-help-you-loo1Antioch provides many friendly and natural neighborhoods for you and your family. It has a great school system for your kids as well. They have great scenic beauty and many parks for recreational activities. It is a great place to live if you are working in the nearby regions. You can experience your living for many years to come in the Antioch apartments.


Antioch apartments are located near many lakes and parks. The main tourist attraction is the Chain o lakes which is just distance away from your new home. The Fox lakes hills, Ingleside and Lake Villa form part of your neighborhood. There are also multiple preserve areas in the nearby region. The Chain O lakes state park and the Turner Lake Fen natural preserve are a sight to sore eyes. They are a glimpse into the unique glacial and wetland geography of the place.

These preserves are protected by the Lake County Forest Preserve district. These reserves also include Raven Glen Forest preserve and the string of preserves in the Lake Villa area, Gander Mountain forest and the Peat Lake natural area. These along with the Chain O lakes provides for a natural living and many recreational activities around the year.

Antioch residents are very close to hundreds of acres of open spaces. The REdwig Slough open space is an asset to the community. This place provides for nine endangered species and many migratory birds. Antioch is build amongst unique and moderately preserved glacial landscape that is not found that much in any other place. It is like living in a natural paradise.

The place has an ardent natural heritage and open spaces that protect it. These attract many residents and visitors to its scenic beauty. You can easily hike, fish, bird watch and do other recreational sports in these open kids with the kids and family. You will be living in natural beauty for starter and provide kids with the natural education, knowledge and memories of a lifetime.

There are also many great public schooling systems for their proper education. The public schools are just distance away from your new home. You can just drop your kids and head to work that easily. The public schools are monitored by The Antioch communities. Some the schools are Oakland elementary school, Antioch upper grade school, Emmons Grade school and Antioch Community High school amongst others. There are also many private schools that cater to your child’s needs.


Antioch apartment is a great way for you and your family to live in. If you are working in the nearby region then you can simply drop your kids in the best public school systems or relax yourselves in the parks and lakes after a hectic day of work. This place while provide for a good and friendly neighborhood where you can spent lively happily for years to come.