A Few Of The Top Attractions In Antioch

Have you ever been to Antioch in California before? This is a beautiful city. It is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is a place with a population of about 110,000 people. Located close to Concorde and Walnut Creek, it is a beautiful location, adjacent to the San Joaquin River. Here are some of the things that you can do when you get to visit Antioch in the state of California.

What You Can Do In Antioch

There are several places that you can go which you may not have thought would be in this region of the state. There is the Black Diamond Mines regional preserve which is a park that seems out of place for the Bay Area. There is also Contra Loma Regional Park which is a beautiful location complete with places to have a picnic and waterways. There are also habitat preserves for wildlife, and private Day Tours that you can take throughout the area.

When Should You Travel There?

There are a couple of times during the year that you should visit. One is in the late spring and the other is in the late fall. Although the weather is very nice during the summer, these are the times when you will enjoy your stay the most. You can see flowers blooming, and also see the leaves changing, making this place very beautiful. You can book your trip to stay a week and have a wonderful time in this city East of the Bay Area in Northern California.

While you are there, if you like to racecars, there is the Antioch Speedway. You can also go to the Antioch historical Museum. At the very least, you should get a boat ride out on the San Joaquin River just to experience how majestic this waterway is. It’s a great place to visit, and if you are going to be traveling into California this year, you ought to stay and find out why many people recommend this destination.